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Imagine. If you had lost it all - your
family, your memories, your life.
Who would you trust?
Could you trust yourself?

The Gap is a hard sci-fi first person narrative exploration thriller. While you have to unravel the mystery through a few puzzles, the game mainly focuses on the narrative, atmosphere and environmental storytelling.

The year is 2045. Dizzily, you wake up on the floor of a dishevelled apartment. Who are you? What and where is this place? Is there anybody around?

All that is left of recent human contact are confusing messages written across the apartment. The reddish light of a setting sun makes up an eerie atmosphere. You may try to escape, but the entrance is locked. Feeling like you could black out anytime soon, you decide to explore the apartment.

Certain documents you come across offer you a glimpse into your ostensible past as Joshua Hayes, a neuroscientist who’s made some questionable life choices. Inevitably, your mission becomes to piece together the missing fragments of your past, solving the mystery of your and your family’s affliction.